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Is anything better than finishing work and coming home to see there's a package waiting for you to open it? Especially when it’s a 1 of 750 handmade motorcycles!

This hand built racing engine produce 215 hp and revs to 14,500rpm. With peak power at 13,900 rpm, while the inline-four engine produces a claimed 120Nm of torque at 10,000 rpm, which is actually 500 rpm lower than where a standard S1000RR makes peak torque.

Along with a new intake and exhaust camshafts, as is the crankshaft (updated via boreholes in the counterweights for reduced weight), connecting rods, and variable-length intake funnels. Pistons and rods are specially selected based on weight, for perfect balance, while BMW has optimized bearing clearances and changed gear ratios in the new, close-ratio transmission (the exception being third gear).

The HP4 RACE’s main frame is fully carbon fiber, with metal bearing mounts and bolting points that are directly integrated in the carbon manufacturing process.

Is all of this worth the roughly $87,000 (USD) price tag?

That’s probably a question that doesn’t need answering, because the people who have the means for one obviously won’t care, and anyone who’s not one of those 750 people will just be arguing about it for the sake of arguing.

Source: DriveMag Riders