BMW in the hot seat after driver burns bum when heated seat catches fire

The problem is, BMW refuses to replace the seat...

4w ago

Heated seats are a we thought. Like all tech, things go wrong, but 6-Series owner, David Murch has discovered a fault with his car which has left him (and his behind) burning with rage.

Image - INS

Image - INS

According to The Sun, David Murch was waiting for his wife outside a supermarket in his 650i convertible when he started to feel a burning sensation as the heated seat began to actuallly burn a hole underneath him. David told the publication: "I was suddenly conscious my back was getting very hot."

"It was just a little bit above my right buttock. I got out of the car and wondered what the hell was going on. All of sudden there was all this smoke and a pain in my behind. I couldn't believe it." It turns out the car's electrical element has actually burned a hole through the leather seat and then through Murch's jumper.

"There was a bit of smoke and a hole so I turned off the engine. I haven't switched the heated seat on since," he added.

After taking the car to a BMW themselves, Murch was told the fire was caused by a short circuit and that since the car was more than 14-years-old and therefore no longer covered by warranty, BMW could not do anything about it and refused to replace the seat.

A BMW spokesperson said: "The vehicle in this case is well outside its warranty period. There is no known manufacturing defect and the vehicle warranty does not cover wear and tear, which is the likely cause of this fault due to the age of the vehicle.

"However, we recognise this must have been an unpleasant experience and as a gesture of goodwill, BMW UK has offered to cover the initial diagnosis fee in full via the customer's chosen BMW retailer," they added.

Despite this, Murch still wasn't satisfied and he continues to investigate the problem.

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Comments (23)

  • BMW haven’t done anything wrong here I think. It probably is wear and tear. If a spring had broken you wouldn’t expect BMW to pay for it, why would they pay for this seat?

      1 month ago
  • This is hilarious to me but poor dude

      1 month ago
  • Hot stuff

      1 month ago
  • I don't think BMW is at fault. Probably just wear and tear. Although it probably wasn't a pleasent experience.

      1 month ago
  • A very caustic reply on BMWs part

      1 month ago