BMW launches their first-ever electric SUV, the iX, in the Middle East

We check out the brand new EV in the showroom.

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Say hello to BMW's all-new EV, the BMW iX. Biting the EV bandwagon, BMW decided to showcase the car now in the middle east. With deliveries starting in 2022 and orders being taken now, I am looking forward to driving this on our roads.

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BMW did the right thing by launching its first EV as an SUV. It just makes sense to do that since currently, the buyers are favouring the SUV body style. It also makes early adaption easier.

Let us talk about the sore point. Yes, the front is oddly shaped, and obviously, it does not need a grill since it is an EV. So why has BMW still opted to keep that design language? Only time will tell if they were right or wrong. Otherwise, the iX looks like any other BMW SUV, so nothing remarkable in that sense. It does come with a brand new interior and new screens and touchpoints. Like I said earlier, this is only a static display, and we should be getting to drive the car soon.

While we are talking about EVs, we have to speak of performance and range. The iX comes with dual motors making it an AWD vehicle. BMW is promising around 500 km of range. The 0-100 sprint is supposed to be done in under 5 seconds, and the price it is expected to reach our region is around AED 320,000. The EV game is afoot.

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  • Another IXy Baboons arse of a car. Do BMW think that Middle Eastern customers think driving arse first in their eye waveringly expensive new car, is the way forward? The Middle East has never struck me as a backward part of the world. It is rich in ancient history and learning, having been 'civilised' long before we were in our bit of the planet (Europe and the UK... and that new country, America). They know a thing or two. They're not gullible idiots. They have innate taste... it's part of whom they are. So BMW is going to foist this dog's dinner of an EV upon a part of the world from which the majority of the oil supply originates and is also cheap and plentiful. Really?

      10 days ago