BMW M135i vs 2018 BMW X3 M40i G01 Test Mule +120-255 on the Autobahn where else?

2018 BMW X3 M40i G01 test mule spotted completely undisguised at top speed on the autobahn.

Head to Head:

2013 BMW M135i (Automatic): 2979 cc R6 turbo

Weight: 1515 kg / 3340 lb

Max output: 235 kW / 316 bhp

Weight to Power ratio: 10.76 lb/bhp

Max torque: 450 Nm

Sprint 0-62mph: 4.9 s

Top speed: 155 mph (limited)

2018 BMW X3 M40i (Automatic): 2998 cc R6 turbo

Weight: 1885 kg / 4156 lb

Max output: 265 kW / 355 bhp

Weight to Power ratio: 11.71 lb/bhp

Max torque: 500 Nm

Sprint 0-62mph: 4.8 s

Top speed: 155 mph (limited)

Driving sequences captured with Waylens™ Horizon at 1080p/60fps

OBDII Data captured by Waylens™ Data Module (OBDII)

Data Overlay created with Waylens™ Studio

Edited with Adobe Premiere Elements 15

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