BMW M135i vs BMW M2 - Autumn run on the German Alpine Road

Colorful leaves, a foggy pass hight and sunny sections during this lovely autumn day in the German Alps.

Two fast BMW M Performance cars on the German Alpine road.

Hot ride from Hotelresort Feuriger Tatzlwurm over the Tatzelwurm street and the Tatzelwurm Pass to Bayrischzell.

Highlights 00:00

Google Earth-Overview: 00:20

Hotelresort Feuriger Tatzelwurm 765 m s.l.m 00:50

Meeting with a group of Supercars 01:30

Sudelfeld 1008 m s.l.m 06:00

Summit 1135 m s.l.m 08:10

Bayrischzell 800 m s.l.m 11:05

Total distance: 12 km

Drive time: 10 min

#BMW #M2 #M135i #Tatzelwurm #Waylens

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