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BMW M2 Competition: 10,000 KM Ownership Update

25w ago


By Marc Rutten

The BMW M2 Competition arrived in my garage at the end of September. In the first few weeks of ownership I decided to get it immediately run-in and shipped to Slovenia where the guys at Akrapovic were waiting for the car to start their aftermarket exhaust testing. The specialists in Ivancna Gorica, Slovenia took my car with 4,000 km on the odometer. The first 4 km were driven mostly on a road trip to Berlin and across many roads in Czech Republic and the area of Zlin, where a friend of mine made sure the car reached the run-in mileage in time, the run-in service was done and the car was prepared for the trip south to Slovenia.

After six weeks I collected the vehicle mid-November at the headquarters of Akrapovic. Fitted with winter tires I made my way to Italy, France and Monaco for a series of meetings and visits all connected to my daily work for Shmee150 and Cars & Coffee International. The lengthy driving distance gave me a great opportunity to the test the car further, get more acquainted with it and making sure that I could run in the new prototype slip-on exhaust that was fitted to my car.

The trip didn't end in Italy, but continued through the snowy Alps of Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands where the car landed with my fellow colleagues at Beek Auto Racing in the Hague, where more tests were performed in regards to the exhaust set up and the possible tuning options. The M2C stayed for two weeks in the Netherlands, after which it returned in Czech Republic early december with more than 10,500 km on the odometer.

Dyno testing with the prototype Akrapovic titanium exhaust system

The complete intinerary has offered me a further insight into the vehicle that arrived in my garage in September and which was parked next to a massive wish list of changes that I felt were needed to make the car my own. Some would say "how it should have been" or "how it should be", but in my opinion such a thing doesn't really exist. Every passionate owner has his own wishes and preferences, and comes up with a package that he prefers and likes. So do I, and my aim is to shave off more than 100 kilos of weight, without removing the rear seats. With a stock weight of 1644 kg, I hope to reach 1540 kgs by the time my project ends.

If we look at the wish list of changes, I have managed to kill off a range of parts so far. The exhaust (even though testing hasn't finished yet) has livened up the car and offered me the highly required tune to the vehicle. Next to this, I am currently running Nokian winter tyres, quite slippery at first due to its softer compound than it's competitors, but overall a great tyre for the winter period and surprisingly capable at high speeds.

Other parts that have been fitted to the car are the BMW M Performance puddle lights with ///M logos, the Akrapovic glossy carbon fiber rear diffuser, the Akrapovic glossy carbon fiber mirror caps, the VAVA 2K dash cam and the ASD bypass harness, which allowed me to remove the fake interior exhaust note and enjoy the natural exhaust tune of the vehicle itself. Also an Awron display was placed in one of the middle air vents in the dashboard.

Charging the iM2 Competition at BMW Welt

Additional parts are currently on their way and will be fitted before the end of the year. These are the M Performance Alcantara steering wheel which has been re-upholstered with new Alcantara and a red 12 O'Clock marker. The wheel will also have AutoTechnic Shift Paddles and red M1/M2 buttons. The gear selector together with the handbrake will be outfitted with the aftermarket M Performance carbon fibre kit, and both the throttle and brake pedal will receive an aluminium cover. All similar to what I did to my BMW M2.

Other upgrades will follow in the new year and those will include 19 inch golden BBS FI R wheels, an AST Suspension coil over kit, an Eventuri carbon fibre air intake, and a full vinyl wrap design by Wrapstyle Zlin, the birthplace of the brand. This will definitely not be the last upgrade, which will be added to the car, but for the first quarter of 2019 it is a decent list, I think.

This brings me back to my initial thoughts about the car after driving it all those miles. My initial response is that after having owned a BMW M2 Coupe for two years, the new M2 Competition feels a lot more mature, or grown-up. The car's handling characteristics are an absolute feast, while there is enough room to play with the engine to make it an even stronger member of the BMW M family. On the subject of handling, not much is required. It is pretty much brilliant, but within the department of the powertrain, a lot of room is available to make it faster and more aggressive. Note! Be careful with the mid-end torque. The M2C has enough mid-end torque from stock, but where it lacks is the top end performance and the way the gearbox is able to provide you a more aggressive experience. These subjects were removed in favour of the M3/M4, and personally I would like to see some of it return to enhance the overall enjoyment of the ride. The final cherries on the cake so to speak!

Back home after a long European trip parked alongside the MAD4MINI JCW GP2

Another noticeable point is the fuel consumption, which feels a touch higher than the OG M2. The more powerful characteristic comes into play here and a larger fuel tank almost feels like a necessity. Next to this, there is not much to immediately complain about. Based on the facelift M2, you receive everything you would need in the M2C. The new M Sports were a highly required improvement over the normal seats, the larger and heavier M Brake Kit offers better braking at higher Autobahn speeds and has lovely sporty squeak under moderate braking.

For those people currently in the market for the M2C, I can say that the new baby ///M is a wonderful addition to any garage. If you have EU-spec car, an upgraded exhaust system via a slip-on kit is absolute must-have offering a better sound experience inside the interior. Other than that, you can opt for many available aftermarket parts making the car your own. From carbon fiber parts to technical parts like suspension kits and intakes, the range of options is wide spread and offers you the opportunity to give your car that unique touch.

If you are in the market for either a M2 or M2C, then it is key that you as an owner asks yourself what you really need or want? The key ingredient of the BMW M2 Coupe is it's joyful character and the ability to offer you a lot of value for money right out of the box. The M2C is its more serious brother offering more agility, increased performance, sublime handling, but a worse sound track. In the end, both great choices, but I personally feel that the M2 will always be the bargain of the century when it comes to an affordable fun M car. It offers more immediate fun, has that lovely burbly sound track and is simply more car for the money.

Just in case you have any questions than please feel free to mention them below in the comments or reach out to me on my Instagram channel.