BMW M2 Competition vs Porsche Taycan Turbo +60-240

Driving a Porsche is always a very special moment. And it doesn't matter whether you're sitting in a 911 or the new Taycan Turbo.

German car magazine Auto Zeitung wrote: "Like the 911, it is a world of its own and actually cannot be compared with anything. This is exactly what distinguishes it from the Macan, Cayenne or Panamera. The Taycan Turbo redefines the Porsche brand from the ground up - like only the 911 so far. It puts its driver under high tension and ensures maximum relaxation with superior comfort."

How does the taycan turbo perform on the autobahn?

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Data comparison (stock): #headtohead BMW M2 Competition (F87): 2979 cc I6 Biturbo (S55B30)

Weight: 1625 kg / 3583 lb

Max output: 302 kW / 405 bhp

Weight to Power ratio: 8.85 lb/bhp

Max torque: 550 Nm

Sprint 0-62mph: 4.4 s

Top speed: 155 mph (limited) / Optional: 174 (limited)

Porsche Taycan Turbo: Permanent magnet synchronous machines (electric motors) (800V) on front and rear axle

Weight: 2305 kg / 5082 lb

Max output (Overboost): 500 kW / 671 bhp

Weight to Power ratio: 7.57 lb/bhp

Max torque (Overboost): 850 Nm

Sprint 0-62mph: 3.2 s

Top speed: 162 mph (limited)

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