- Photo Credit: Darren Cook, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Team BRIT.

BMW M2401 - Team BRIT's New Challenger

Get to know the mega machines that the team will use on a race weekend.

"We're at our best when we work together and this is the perfect example."

Dave Player

For their 2021 campaign, Team BRIT decided to do something different when it came to their car. When going racing, be it in Formula 1, GT racing or Indycar for example, you always expect to see a car that is almost brand spanking new with all or as much of the latest technology, designs, etc. built into it. But given their new unique position as a racing team, Team BRIT figured they could take a gamble and try something different.

And my oh my has it worked.

Unveiled as part of one of Team BRIT's latest promotional videos (click on the link below to view it), the BMW they're using has a great story to it. And like any great story, it includes a comeback from nothing.

Photo Credit: Darren Cook, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Team BRIT.

Photo Credit: Darren Cook, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Team BRIT.

Year: 2019 Engine: 3 litre 6 cylinder petrol with twin scoll turbo Gearbox: ZF 8 Speed Brakes: Frando 6 Pot radial callipers 350mm floating disks, race pads. Power: 450BHP Torque: 614nm 0-60: 3.6 Seconds

Full Car Specs

Back in February 2020, Team BRIT bought this BMW from an online auction - with the support of one of their partners, SYNETIQ. The catch was that this 2019 BMW had been involved in a pretty bad crash which resulted in it having extensive structural damage. Inconvenient for some - but ideal for Team BRIT. After this damage was repaired, Team BRIT's garage crew, led by race engineer Al Locke, began transforming the BMW into a proper race car.

The team stripped the car and installed their awesome world-leading hand controls - more on those later. The racing seat and harness were also installed, kindly supplied by Corbeau - a trusted motorsport safety company.

Next came the fun bit as a plethora of upgrades and modifications were made to the BMW that had once been destined for the scrap heap. The changes included improved traction, a brand new radiator, a Dervtech remap of the engine and the gearbox, Braid lightweight 18" racing wheels, a Remus turbo back exhaust, a Custom Cages 6 point roll cage, Quaife ATB limited slip differential, Cartek Power Distribution and solid state killswitch, Wagner chargecooler, VBox HD2 video and data logger with live streaming video and data and a host of other neat bits and bobs including floating discs with 6 pot Frando calipers and a custom motorsport wiring loom.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the suspension has Quantum single adjustable dampers, faulkner springs, milway camber adjustable top mounts and Hardrace adjustable control arms.

With all the modifications and upgrades, the BMW was able to go 475BHP on maximum map but Team BRIT had to dial that down to 451BHP to fit into the class structure of Britcar and improve reliability.

All in all, it's in pretty good shape and looks at least as racy as anything that it will come up against on track.

Photo Credit: Darren Cook, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Team BRIT.

Photo Credit: Darren Cook, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Team BRIT.

What about the hand controls?

Well here's the really neat part. Given to the needs of some of the drivers, pedals aren't really an option inside the car. So Team BRIT and MME Motorsport (Slovenian motorsport experts) put their heads together and developed the hand control system, utilizing a combination of pneumatic , electronic and hydraulic technology that enables the steering, clutch, brakes, throttle and gears to all be controlled by the driver using only their hands. Now this unique system was developed initially a while ago and has been a present feature on Team BRIT's cars over the last few years. Naturally however as time has gone on, the technology has been continually refined and improved.

The hand controls are mounted onto a standard steering wheel with a quick release steering boss. Gear shift and throttle paddles can be configured to either side of the steering wheel depending on the driver's preference. Finally, the thumb operated clutch lever is positioned on the left of the steering wheel whilst the radio PTT button is on the right.

The cherry on top is that the system can be instantly removed, unplugged and replaced by an ordinary steering wheel so that the car reverts back to its original specification. That enables drivers with a whole range of disabilities to use the same car seamlessly.

Photo Credit: Darren Cook, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Team BRIT.

Photo Credit: Darren Cook, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Team BRIT.

Team BRIT's rookie drivers will race this car in Class 5 of the Trophy Category in the Britcar Championship in 2021 which fingers crossed will begin in March. I for one can't wait to see how they get on in this beast of a car - a car that's found a brand new lease of life in a truly awesome way.

What do you think of the modified BMW? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • It is great to see that, much like their drivers, the team can produce something incredible from something most others would disregard - wish them every luck for this season and the future

      1 month ago
    • You could make a whole new racing series out of doing what they did with this car - would be fun to watch the whole process.

        1 month ago
    • Then they could have an 'adapt a car' competition with Clarkson, Hammond and May - would be interesting to see what would come out of the Penistone skunkworks...

        1 month ago