BMW M3 E30 VS Ford Sierra Cosworth - Classic Rally Monsters Duel

A contemporary Battle between Two Greats of the Rallying World that also enjoyed great success on Hillclimb Racing

Two Legends of Rallying and most notably two very successful RWD Group A spec machines, the BMW E30 M3 and the Sierra Cosworth nowadays still can be seen battling on Hillclimb events and at Verzegnis 2017, it was possible to watch two immaculate examples of these Rallying Legends. Matteo Barletta drove the S14 powered 300Hp Naturally Aspirated German Screamer while Rino Muradore drove the Cosworth YB powered 300Hp Turbocharged Machine.

Not only a battle against the clock, it is also a battle between two of the last RWD Rally Cars that achieved success on the World Rally Championship. And quite different they were in the manner they achieved it. While the E30 uses a highly strung engine unit and some Touring Car-esque dynamics, the Sierra goes for a turbocharged, full of Torque Cosworth unit while coupling that with much less rigid dynamics.

In the end it is up to the fans to decide which is the one that conquer their hearts, but while choosing so, everyone must remember how cool it is to still have a venue nowadays where both these Icons can be raced in anger against each other..

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