BMW M3 E92 450bhp straight piped.


The guys at Living life fast have done it again, they have only gone a found this savage m3. It sounds insane! Does your BMW have an aftermarket exhaust?

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Comments (6)

  • Had every aftermarket exhaust system on my 87 M6. The factory sounded SO much better it went back on. BMW got that one right.

      15 days ago
  • my uncle has m5 e39 as a rally car , yes as a rally car , he loves rally . and the latest m5 as his daily . he and i are always working on it when i am @ his place . it's twin-turbocharged and can pull up to 310 hp . got some sick golden BBS wheels ( idk why he uses them on a rally car ) . its a fun car tho

      26 days ago