BMW M3 E92 GTS - Short Review - Forza Horizon 4

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Winter of season 15 sees the BMW E92 M3 GTS, the harder, louder, less compromised (and very orange) sports car BMW produced in 2010 offered for the first time since the first Forza Horizon.

Clearly this is no regular M3, the honking great wing on the back for a starters marks it as more than just a little bit special. Other modifications over the regular E92 include perplex glass for the side and rear windows, no rear seats and other smaller weight-saving measures to save an enormous err 50 kg over the regular M3, not an awful lot if you think about it. For such a special BMW too, the interior is a huge let-down; no half roll-cage, shift lights or alcantara steering wheel like the real GTS. Turn 10 really dropped the ball on the interior.

Where the real difference can be felt with the GTS is when driving. With the engine size increased to 4.4 litres, power is increased to a respectable 444 hp. There is no discernible sound difference over the regular M3 from this but this small change makes a hell of a difference when accelerating. The regular E92 is respectable enough, but the GTS blows it away with how quick the car can gain acceleration. Taking off at the first decent straight in the GTS felt supercar quick, the rear tyres digging in for grip and spinning those extra horsepower into the road and shooting the car away. Thankfully the brakes are equally competent, glowing the same colour as the car after heavy use.

The small changes to the GTS make it a far better track car. Where a regular E92 would run out of grip and slide, carrying the same or even more speed in the GTS shows how scalpel accurate the steering is, the rear holding on for just that little bit longer. Enough to notice how effortless the GTS can attack corners with the same ferocity as a 911 GT3, a real complement to the versatility and potential of the chassis. The chassis is also remarkably predictable and sorted allowing for less of a learning curve, the time taken to be able to push the GTS can’t be more than a couple of minutes.

This special and oft overlooked M3 special that has every right to be in the game and suits the twisty roads of Forza Horizon 4 like bacon suits eggs.

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*Get the M3 GTS free by winning the Power Struggle Event before the 14th November 2019. All you’ll need is an S1 BMW or Mercedes. Alternatively you can pay a lot in the auction house for a second-hand one*

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