- This BMW M3 is absolutely epic!

BMW M3 Nurburgring Taxi | The Fastest Q&A!

Jump in with us for the Fastest Q&A!

3y ago

Jump into the Apex Taxi BMW M3 for the fastest Q and A lap on the Nurburgring Nordschleife! With Misha at the wheel, we're joined by Joe and Benzene for the question and answer session on the move in the Ring taxi.

As detailed by MIsha, the BMW M3 in question is not so standard. It features the front lip and spoiler from the M4 GTS, new BBS wheels, kinematics from Team Schirmer, and soon it will even have 4 bucket seats fitted! The taxi laps are available from www.apex-nuerburg.com/apex-taxi-laps/

Be sure to hit up the other guys if you aren't already following them:

Misha - youtube.com/wallerus

Joe - www.youtube.com/channel/UCDca...

Ben - instagram.com/benzeneben

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