BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

3y ago

One of 15 in South Africa, this beast was available to purchase on an invite only basis. Fortunately, I met one of the lucky 14 (1 was reserved for BMW SA) who was invited to purchase a DTM. The owner tells me that this vehicle is the only one in our region of the country and that the others where split among the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Having arranged a date and time for a photo shoot of the DTM with the owner, I eagerly waited the day - hoping it would be a misty morning as well. The time waited to shoot was well worth-it, this car does not disappoint in the least. It is a stripped out, track focused behemoth whose stance accentuates its asphalt eating potential. I did get to ride in it, albeit a short one. It is definitely not an everyday car! No wonder those very few with slimy fingers are selling their allocations for a really high premium...(no premium would make me sell mine #justsaying)

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