BMW M4 Owner Rents Car Out On Turo, Needs $10,000 In Repairs After Abuse

For $130/day? No thank you.

3y ago

Most of us have abused rental cars, but this is another level. First of all, it's no Sentra. Second, common courtesy dictates that you shouldn't incur large maintenance bills on the guy who's generous enough to rent his own car out to you.

Loud grinding noises, worn out brakes, interior burn marks, and smoke coming from the engine. These are a few of the things that Reddit user /u/QuadTheory experienced after a couple of yahoos got their hands on his car via Turo. Like any smart Turo host, he kept a dashcam running while the car was rented.

The full list of damages incurred/services required after the rental in question includes: a new clutch, brakes pads and rotors, oil change, spark plugs, detached parking brake boot, and a burn on the passenger side floor mat.

Even worse, the owner of the M4 has not been able to receive compensation from Turo for any of the required or completed service. In short, it's pretty tough for the owner to find a mechanic who is both ASE certified and a BMW specialist without being a dealer. If he were to take it to a dealer, the vehicle's warranty would probably be voided due to the abuse the car has received.

Hopefully, the owner of the M4 receives proper compensation for the abuse done to his car. To those of us considering renting out our cars on Turo, let this be a word of caution.

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Comments (16)

  • Renting out a performance (??) car is a bad idea in general, but still, what abuse? I could do things in video to any of my current and previous cars with no short-time effect whatsoever. (TBH I never had a car made in 21st century. Do they make them out of paper or something? It's an M car after all, it's expected to be abused). Oh and, oil and spark plugs? How do you abuse oil and spark plugs? The only thing he should be mad about here is the interior damage. There is no excuse for that.

      3 years ago
  • What do you expect renting out an M4 though?

      3 years ago
  • How can someone even take this claim seriously, after watching the video. I was expecting handbrake turns, drifts, money shifts ... real abuse, not this.

      3 years ago
    • Not even a Red-Line Drift, This was not even close to the limit. Drove like he was on ICE. Pffft, Blaming someone for your maintenance bill for driving like miss Daisy. A cyclist could overtake this driver in the corners. If BMW was this soft...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • I have driven M2/M3/M4 way harder than this at the BMW M School. Except for the worn tires and brakes (of course), the "abused" cars didn't suffer any $10,000 damage.

      3 years ago
  • Why would you even rent it in the first place?

      3 years ago