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BMW M8 Competition confirmed as photos leak

Prepare to see the BMW M8 Competition way before you're supposed to!

2y ago

While BMW may have already let the cat out the bag regarding the M8, the rumoured M8 Competition has so far remained a secret. Thankfully however, thanks to these leaked photographs, we can confirm the M8 Competition is on the way.

The photos have found their way onto the internet via a site known as GermanCar4um (apparently), and clearly show the car bejewelled in an M8 badge. Most intriguingly of all however is the badge we find at the rear, underscored with a black line with the word “Competition” written upon it.

Other than the fact that this represents BMW’s future flagship, we can see this particular example painted in a rather delicious shade of matt blue. While it may possess the ability to inspire the tastebuds to tingle, it will unquestionably be a right royal pain in the posterior to maintain.

Earlier this year, BMW confirmed that the M8 will produce over 600bhp - which will result in it producing more power than the M5, which shares its 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8 engine. As for the Competition however, BMW has so far refused to even acknowledge its existence. If it should continue the theme of being more powerful than the M5 equivalents, then expect it to produce more than the 616bhp developed by the M5 Competition. We'll find out when it's released in mid-2019.

So then guys, what do you think about these images? Do you think the M8 Competition looks good? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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