BMW M8 CSL renders released after spyshots of strange mid-engined M8

It isn't mid engined. And there is worse news...

4w ago


Remember this photo? Christian Narvselius posted about it.


We saw these spyshots of a strange new BMW – a partially camouflaged BMW 8 Series . It had a few odd features that hinted at a mid-engine setup, but new details suggest it was a test mule for a new hybrid powertrain. Yup, hybrid. A report from , states that the car is the test mule for the 2022 M8 CSL.

The strange 8 Series test vehicles featured louvers for the rear windows and had the rear glass covered. However, according to the publication, the BMW was sneaking in a hybrid engine. Allegedly, an inline-six engine, paired with the electric powertrain, will deliver up to 700 horsepower . That’s quite a bit more than the 617-hp M8 Competition. Then again, the CSL will sit above it in the lineup.

The extra Horsepower shall come with some visible changes as well. Hood vents, louvres , revised front facia, big splitter and a big ol' wing are included.

And it may not come with the V12 BMW cancelled for weight balance issues.

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Comments (9)

  • Seems kinda cool, but the lack of a V12 and a hybrid drivetrain is bugging me

      1 month ago
  • Forget all those V12 nonsense those are the past, they are cool but I rather see new technology like this to boost performance and hopefully give the future AMG 73e a run for its money

      30 days ago
    • It would be great if BMW stuck to the 8 series' heritage. The 8 series is known to be a V12 top of the line BMW -GT car. I know that the incline 6 hybrid will allow for better take offs and higher speed. What's wrong with 2 engines? It's just the...

      Read more
        27 days ago