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BMW might just be working on an M version of the X1

Okay everyone, calm down.

11w ago

BMW’s ever-growing X-range is one of the most profitable groups of cars in the automotive industry. The X1 is currently the cheapest method of entering BMW’s X-range however it is a car which is a little under the radar. Fortunately, it seems that BMW is working on an M version of the X1.

A camouflaged compact SUV by BMW was recently spotted by Instagram user buschixd. Some members of the media originally brought up the idea of it being a new version of the X3 or X5 however the car is far too small to be either of these. Furthermore, new versions of the X3 and X5 - which look nothing like this camouflaged vehicle - have already been spotted testing. This means that it has to be a version of the X1.

As to why it’s suspected to be an M version? The main reason is the car’s quad-exhaust system. In addition to this, between these exhausts lays a sporty diffuser, something very M-like. The aggressive mirrors also suggest it being an M car.

If it goes into production, the X1 M will go against the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45.

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Comments (7)

  • no need for more ugliness

      2 months ago
  • Can someone please explain why testing cars always are covered in that white and black design? I have never understood it.

      2 months ago
    • It's to attempt to disguise the car so the press aren't all over it before a finished product is ready. Not to camouflage but the patterns hide specific creases in body lines etc which give away what the car could be. It doesn't really work...

      Read more
        2 months ago
    • Ah okay. I was going to say, it doesn't work out that well. I mean, in this post, it was kinda hard to tell it was BMW, I kinda thought it was a Durango (Don't hate me.) but most other ones, yeah it doesn't work.

        2 months ago
  • What

      2 months ago
  • M is FWD/AWD hey, BMW AG, WTF is that?

      2 months ago
  • Please God no

      2 months ago