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BMW plans to launch an iM2 with over 1,300 horsepower

Do you think a fully-electric M2 is a good idea?

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Say what you will about electric cars, but it looks like they will be around for a while yet, meaning a whole range of new cars will soon be staring at more batteries than ever before. With that in mind, it looks like BMW may be launching a fully-electric M2 which, if done right, could change the game.

Image - BMW

Image - BMW

Next year, BMW celebrates its 50th birthday, and as a way to celebrate this, CAR magazine thinks they will unveil an all-electric performance coupe called the iM2. They also predict it will come with 1,000 kilowatts of power, which when translated into horsepower, is 1,341hp.

This kind of power truly boggles the mind, let alone the kind you'd find in a small BMW. But, with electric powetrains comes immense amounts of power and torque, so it seems perfectly feasible.

To back this bold claim up, there are more reports saying the iM2 has already been given a code name from BMW: 'Project Katharina'. It also claims the iM2 will accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 2.5 seconds and is supposedly capable of spinning its wheels at speeds of around 75 mph, making us believe it could even be RWD.

Image - BMW

Image - BMW

On top of that, other sources say the iM2 will be able to lap the Nurburgring in around 6 minutes and 50 seconds, making it one of the quickest and most capable small EVs on the market.

Of course, this is purely speculation at this point, but by judging the way the industry is going, it wouldn't surprise us if we saw BMW do something like this, especially to the M2 which has developed a bit of a cult following over the years.

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