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BMW proudly shows off its E30 M3 Cecotto

They say, "The BMW M3 E30 is the most successful touring car in the world" and they have a point.

2w ago

It's all well and good talking about BMW's latest M3 with its big snout and immense power, but why not take a look back at one of the company's most famous cars - the E30 M3 Cecotto.

This special edition of the E30 M3 known as the Cecotto, was originally introduced in 1989 and pays tribute to Venezuelan racing legend, Johnny Cecotto who won the 24 Hours of Nurburgring in 1992.

Across his racing career, Cecetto won 10 DTM races while behind the wheel of an M3. Therefore, the Cecotto M3 was born and BMW only ever made 505 of them. They weren't hugely different, but the main change was that it was powered by a more powerful 2.3L four-cylinder engine which produced 215 horsepower. It also had a catalytic converter which was a relatively new concept.

The Cecotto was available in Misano Red, Nogaro Silver metallic, and Macao Blue metallic. It was, and still is, known for its handling capabilities and driver involvement. It's a dream car for many people, even BMW themselves.

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Comments (2)

  • It’s a really nice looking car that. I was stood next to a normal e30 2 door thinking that the styling was a bit of a compromise (still a good looking car, but by the late 1980s an ageing design even with the facelift) but the M3s just look fantastic

      17 days ago
  • That’s was such a successful design era for BMW.

      17 days ago