BMW R75/5 Week Three

4y ago
- Our draft for the logo - The R Triple 8, named after the number of 888 Lithium Ion cells from two Tesla modules.
- A quick shout out to our friends at TTRNO in NOLA - Max Materne is immensely knowledgeable and an overall swell human being.
- This is Max's gorgeous racing bike which he just sold. Sometimes becoming a father makes you do crazy things!
- A step back - the shop is in a cleaner than average state. The past week have been daily cycles of hurricane mess followed by brief periods of mild cleanliness.
- The first thing that we attacked this week was proper suspension mounts made from plate steel. In this photo there is only one plate per side which we eventually upped to two in order to sandwich the suspension.
- New electrical mounting boards were also cut - this time using a laser cutter. We also experimented with darker acrylic.
- We chose to stick with our original front end meaning a ton of wheel and brake work was ahead of us. The old airhead wheels are a huge pain to repack since the bearing stack is only accessible in one direction.
- Repacked headset bearings and some wire wheeling makes our front end look good as new.
- Freshly wire wheeled triple tree and various hardware.
- Liam stalks his prey - a piece of angle iron to be used as battery mounts.
- You can never use too much cutting oil....
- A huge shoutout this week goes to Chuck House. This man is a force of nature and has a wealth of vintage motorcycle information. This project would have been weeks behind if not for Chuck's amazing availability and skill.
- Nadav finishes out some of the last soldering before the bike is put back together.
- We are mocking up this prototype with the leafs but plan to eventually switch to the Teslas, in other words this build is not over yet. In this photo you can see how the leaf pack just barely sits in our chassis.
- At this point the height of the bike is roughly set and the beginnings of battery mounts have been placed. We are still considering cutting the springs a few inches to get that classic cafe racer look but are not unhappy with the current aesthetic.

Our interns put the finishing touches on our prototype before their departure.

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  • A shout out to Liam and Nadav. Absolutely crushed this project. They're headed back to school now but Night Shift Bikes is no longer a dude in his garage; it's a family. Honored to make this run with you guys and looking forward to working with you on v 2.0. -MC

      4 years ago