BMW releases new 4 Series Gran Coupé

The second generation 4 door coupe will has 'raised the bar' set by its predecessor.

6w ago

BMW are world-renowned for their stylish by luxury cars which can challenge a even some supercars. Their new car looks to be tailored far more towards comfort and style rather than the performance of their M cars: it has 470 litres of boot space which can be expanded to 1290 litres by folding down sections of the rear backrest.

The new vehicle is even larger than the car it succeeds measuring 14cm longer, 3cm wider and 5cm taller. The increased size is visible from the interior where the new design feels more airy than most other cars. Another possible reason for this is BMW have not fallen into the trap of having hundreds of buttons and massive screens which most people either don't understand or don't care about, making it feel cluttered. instead it has a single screen in the centre of the dashboard, a speedometer display behind the wheel and just a few buttons dotted about.

Despite the simplicity of some of the interior design, it still comes packed with useful features. It, as is standard with a lot of cars, comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Audio which allows the customer to access a range of apps, utilities and other smartphone skills. Where it differs from some cars is that on the My BMW App you can enable Amazon Alexa which can provide information on the cars status or general features of Alexa. It can also enable remote operation of functions such as vehicle locating, locking, unlocking and even monitoring via cameras on the car's exterior.

The Gran Coupe has the standard collision warning system for when parking but taken to another level. It will apply the brake if it feels you are about to collide with an object to the sides or rear of the vehicle as well as being able to pull in and out of parallel parking spaces on the road.

The car's performance may not be as fast as most luxury cars- 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds in the fastest of models- but it is focussed more towards the driving experience than the speed. The weight distribution is perfect for a track but is more geared towards everyday use. The standard model costs just over £40,000 and for the highest performance model, they ask for £54,000

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