BMW set to make long car journeys less boring than ever for back seat passengers

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When it comes to innovative ideas, very few nations can hold a candle towards what Germany produce - and one of their flagship brands, over in Munich, might just have nailed it with their newest conjuring. Let me talk you through BMW's conceptual proposal for how they imagine their cabin layout's will look in their future models - and yes, it's heavily bias towards technology and otherworldly infotainment systems.

Over the last few years, the entertainment features found in cars, especially those within the ''I'm a rich businessman from a big city'' price bracket, have been ascending to higher heights than ever before. New technological breakthroughs, and the ability to mould touchscreens into sections of a car you previously couldn't, mean that the size and capabilities of in-car infotainment screens have grown exponentially.

Image credit: Rolls Royce.

Image credit: Rolls Royce.

BMW have struck a deal with Rolls Royce to implement what is known as their 'Privacy Suite' function into their Phantom. Essentially, the design features a glass divider that separates the front and rear passenger units which, at the touch of a button, turns opaque. It looks truly magnificent, and is sure make its inhabitants feel like they're on a plane as opposed to a car.

As impressive as that is, BMW may be set to take it to a whole new level. A recent patent excavated from deep within the forums of 'i4talk' has lead to suggestions that the opaque screen found on the Phantom will be turned into a fully functional display - in other words, the rear cabin will become a business class setting with a projector screen that stretches from arch to arch.

The information attached with the patent describes it as an 'apparatus' that consists of two layers (screens). The initial layer is the partition that can alternate between a transparent screen and an opaque one, with the second layer acting as the projector/tv screen that displays data.

The patent also claims that the apparatus will be compatible with ''car compartment dividers, windows and sunroofs''. In many ways, that does sound a little too good to be true, given that windows and sunroofs are perhaps one of the most fragile areas of a car, making them easily susceptible to damage and therefore potentially harming its occupants.

The patent is also paired with concept images of what appears to be the back of a current Rolls Royce Phantom, with the new technology sculpted into it. This would seem to be the most realistic and logical implementation of the new apparatus. The screen also showcases the forthcoming 'iNext' SUV from BMW, meaning that it very well may be the first car to house the next generation of automation, paving the way for future models to also be fitted with the game changing system.

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