- The inaugural BMW Society Malaysia drive to Thailand. This is a grueling 3200km round trip from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and back. A cross border adventure for few enthusiasts.
- Perlis, Malaysia prior to the border.
- We had eight cars in the convoy.
- First stop for lunch after crossing the border. This is in Sadao Thailand.
- It was raining season in Thailand. We were greeted by showers in some parts of the journey.
- It was never without some dramas. First was the exhaust mounting of the E30 giving way. It was resolved temporarily with some cable ties before going to the exhaust shop the next day. This was an E28 gearbox leaked, which was fixed by rubber gasket.
- Resting at the Don Mueang Amari Hotel after the 1600km Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok drive.
- Meeting up with the Bangkok BMW boys at Ikea Bangkok.
- The Z4 boys of Bangkok.
- Rear view. It was good meeting them. Language was a barrier but passion for cars unite us.
- Entering the ABC 2013 (All BMW Club 2013) event venue.
- Being greeted by the E34 big foot.
- Proof of entry. It was a nice touch.
- The Malaysian contingent was given priority parking. We were truly honoured. Thank you guys.
- At the Studie Bangkok booth.
- The E92 M3.
- Old skool boys.
- Old skool boys.
- Old skool boys.
- Old skool boys.
- Old skool boys.
- Old skool boys.
- An E30 convertible.
- Another E30 convertible.
- All black E30. The Thai boys do have some awesome cars.
- An E28.
- Another E28.
- An immaculate example. Do have to respect them.
- An E34 in pristine condition.
- The seven series.
- And another one. Have to give it to them for maintaining some awesome old skools.
- Some drag action by the Thai boys.
- Not without some dramas as well.
- Time for the sexy car wash.
- It was awesome.
- The car count as finale of the event.
- They managed to get around 700 BMW cars.
- With the help of 7 Malaysian BSM cars.
- Some of the models.
- A photo with the organiser. Thank you for inviting us. We will surely come again.

BMW Society Malaysia (BSM) inaugural drive to attend All BMW Clubs 2013 (ABC 2013). A 3200 km gruelling long distance and cross border drive by a bunch of BMW enthusiasts. December 2013.

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