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BMW teases the next generation M3

Presentation next week

38w ago

The new BMW M3 will be presented on September 23rd. The wait becomes more than interminable for the fans. To make us wait another five days, the German brand is unveiling a teaser made up of a bunch of pictures. We notice several parts of the sports sedan in a thick plume of smoke.

The first key element are the headlights, which have been completely redesigned compared to the classic 3 Series. Their shape, reminiscent of the 8 Series headlights, is much more aggressive with hook-shaped daytime running lights. This will differentiate the M3 from the 3 Series with the more simplistic L-shaped daytime running lights.

This teaser also reveals that the new M3 will have an exclusive green color. This color is very bright and original and could well replace the light blue of the current M3. The green smoke still hides the car's front grille, which will most likely be identical to the 4 Series, except for a few details.

The grille pattern could well adopt more angular spikes to give it a more aggressive look. The new BMW M3 will have a 3.0-litre six-cylinder developing 473 bhp or 503 bhp for the Competition version. The car will also offer a choice between manual and automatic gearboxes as well as rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

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Comments (9)

  • Wait for the full grille to freak you out...

      8 months ago
  • Notice how they are hiding the grille with the smoke.

      8 months ago
  • Gee, I wonder why they hiding the grille...

      8 months ago
  • please bmw make it look good unlike the 4 series

      8 months ago
  • Their editors must have been so ashamed of it that they put smoke there to cover it up

      8 months ago