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BMW thinks big on its kidney grilles

1w ago


If you buy a brand-new or even a very young BMW, it is very likely that it has a particularly large kidney grille. If you prefer discretion, buy your German car now because it is quite possible that it will not get better. Indeed, they are still at risk of ingesting uncontrolled doses of viagra.

Growth seems inevitable when you see the result on the latest X7 SUV or the redesigned 7 Series. And the next M3 and 5 Series will most likely do the same...worse. The kidneys might well go down to the bottom of the grille. The result is a big hole in the middle of the front panel for a not very thin and even less happy result.

And it is by going back in time that we realize the increase in volume of BMW kidney grilles. One person had the brilliant idea to take a picture of a 3 Series parked next to a brand-new X7. The 3 Series here is an E30 (second generation) and let's say that in terms of size, it can't stand the comparison next to the X7.

We notice that ideas change over time and bring with them the fundamentals of design. The E30 Series 3 grille is the same size as the X7 tank door. The X7 kidneys - sorry, watermelons - are so large that they could completely cover the 3 Series windshield. But in the end, it seems that the X7's grille is reasonable compared to what will happen soon...

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Comments (16)
  • Just look at the e30. Classic BMW. Great looking car which has legendary status. Now look at that hideous X7! Such an ugly Chelsea tractor! What happened to BMW 🙄

    12 days ago
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  • Those grilles are actually a stroke of genius, because they aim right at BMW's core customer base: people with absolutely no sense of subtlety or taste. Let's be honest, only a handfull of people buy Beamers, because they drive well (and in my opinion, even that is up for dicusssion with the later models). Most BMW-drivers (at least here in Germany) are fat old businessmen and jobos. And it fits. The big grille is the perfect accessory to the businessmen's fat watches and the jobos' gold chains. Well done, BMW. :D

    13 days ago
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