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Bmw to cease production of the Bmw I8.

The BMW i8 "Sophisto" Ultimate Edition is a limited edition of 200 units that will mark the end of the hybrid sportscar production in April 2020.

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It's official, the German brand has officially confirmed that the Bmw I8 coupe will stop production in April 2020 of the next year, the Hybrid sports car will finally end its commercial journey after 6 years in which it had to fight in a category where other hybrid & BEV cars so far reigned without a big disturbance, still, the I8 defended himself with dignity during those 6 years.

The I8 never had good sales or reception despite its impressive performance for a 3 cylinder hybrid sports car which could easily hit 0-60 in less than 4.4 seconds and be relatively cheap for people with deep pockets. However the I8 isn't going out without one last breath.

The Bmw I8 will, however, finish with one last batch of limited edition cars called Sophisto edition: A final edition flavored with a sad farewell.

The Bmw I8 Sophisto edition marks the end of production of the Bmw I8 with a special paint called Sophisto gray. combined with 20º wheels painted in bronze accents that Bmw calls E-copper and hidden behind those rims the brake calipers painted in black with blue details make sure to help stop the I8.

If this wasn´t special enough the taillights of the Sophisto edition will be made of Transparent glass (But still will signal like any other car) the Sophisto edition will be available soon with coupé & Roadster bodies, however, the price for the Sophisto remains unknown since the manufacturer decided not to reveal it for the moment.

And the interior isn't any less impressive either, inside we will find a black & orange upholstery combined with several inscriptions with the number of the edition that reminds us that we are in a very exclusive car. It also includes equipment that is normally optional such as the Head-Up Display, the Harman-Kardon sound system or the control knobs in ceramic finish. The Bmw I8 Roadster will however still be manufactured for two more years due to the success over the coupe version.

Although there are rumors of all kinds for a replacement of the I8 with a more powerful I8 or a completely electric supercar Bmw still didn't pronounce itself on the rumors of the possibility of an I8 //M with 600 horses that could resemble the Vision car, altough thanks to the media the project had been canceled

the future replacement of the I8, from a possible more powerful plug-in hybrid to a new fully electric model, the truth is that BMW has not spoken about it. There was even talk about the possibility of an i8M with more than 600 hp, and that could be inspired by the BMW Vision M Next, although German media have ensured that this project was canceled.

Farewell Bmw I8! You'll be missed!

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Comments (6)

  • They still bothered to make it?

      1 year ago
    • Looks that way, still you cant deny the I8 is one of those cars that charm you despite how artificial they are

        1 year ago
    • No. Really isn’t charming at all.

        1 year ago
  • Im thinking that bmw will remane their entire i range, i3 will turn into a saloon, i1 would replace the i3, and i8 would become an electric luxury grand tourer instead of a hybrid sportscar

      1 year ago
    • The I3 is a city car designed for conmuting and short distances, I like the suicide doors but... The backroom is not enough for me, still The I8 I think still has a place on the market as a hybrid but it won´t find the right market on Europe, In...

      Read more
        1 year ago
    • I think something like an 840e would suit enviromentalist petrolheads to keep the i range fully electric, and i1 would suit the idea of a city car more than the 3 would, but i agree the i8 has a place in the market too

        1 year ago