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BMW trolls Mercedes-Benz during Halloween. Get's a sick burn in return!

2w ago


Yesterday was Halloween - that holiday when it's OK to dress slutty and wear capes at the work place. Also, it's a day when automakers poke fun at each other, and this year, it didn't disappoint.

BMW went after their dear rival Mercedes-Benz with a photo of E63 models "disguised" as the superhero it always wanted to be - the BMW M5.

It didn't take long for Mercedes to respond. Only 40 minutes later, one of the sickest burns ever was posted on Twitter. Just read:

Although the M5 doesn't have that huge new BMW grill everyone has been complaining about, calling it ugly, the joke landed perfectly. Internet was quick to declare the winner, many posting that gif of Obama throwing the mic.

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  • Those are the best tweets I’ve ever seen! 😂

    19 days ago
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  • MB,the Best or Nothing )))

    19 days ago
    6 Bumps