BMW unveils an electric scooter, and it's brilliant

    The company claims that their new product will “redefine the scooter segment”.

    I believe scooters are the invention of Satan, since they are unstable, completely pointless and paralyse you from the waist down whenever the bottom of a scooter hits your ankle. However, salvation is at hand because BMW has unveiled an electric scooter that looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077.

    Called the Motorrad Definition CE 04, the scooter is a 'near-series concept', meaning that it should reach production very soon. This isn't the first time BMW has made a scooter, since back in 2014 they unveiled the £10,584 C Evolution, which has now been upgraded to allow 100 miles of range.

    The head of BMW's Motorrad division Alexander Buckan released a statement, in which he stated the purpose of creating a scooter like the CE 04: “A scooter is not a ‘fun bike’ which is taken for ride in the mountains in fine weather, but a practical everyday vehicle for driving from home to the office or meeting friends in the evening - simply a vehicle for every day in the city".

    All in all, this looks like it will completely revolutionise the concept of a scooter as something that's fun to own rather than something that will make your parents regret having you. Hopefully, BMW will release the specs very soon, because I would really like to see this put into production.

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    Comments (9)

    • For that money, I’d rather a used compact Japanese city car. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        7 days ago
    • For f**s sake bmw! First the bloody Ix now this!?🤮

        7 days ago
    • - Finally a BMW without a stupid grill!

      - modern day interpretation of a Sinclair C5..... don’t tell me you don’t see it!

      - Over priced and crap, just buy a car. Does BMW think people will buy this at this price.

      - just buy an electric bicycle instead. Does the same job.

      - that much money gets you heck of a lot of taxis..... get a taxi!

        3 days ago
    • It reminds me of those big 80s scooters combined with modern design.

      I think it’s rad!

        6 days ago
    • I think the heads at BMW are quickly going down a slippery slope of insanity.

        7 days ago


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