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BMW Virtual Racing cup: Final race

The last race off the BMW Virtual racing cup was held at Spa-francorchamps. Not the way I wanted to end my final race. But that's just the way it is.

The final race

The final race off the BMW VRC took us the amazing circuit off Spa-francorchamps for a 1 hour race on the legendary racetrack in the BMW M235i racecar.

I qualyfied in 4th position. A pretty good result and I was really happy with it. I knew I wasn't able to aim for more but maybe for a faster laptime I could have. The guys in front of me where very fast! More then 1,5s faster than me. That's crazy! But I got closer To them compared to the start off the season. Behind me it was really close! Only a couple off tenths of a second devided me and the 2 guys behind me. So it was going to be a close race here.

After qualy we lined up at the start for a 1 hour race. I had a pretty good start and was able to maintain my position. But after the first time Au Rouge it went wrong. I got next Lorenzo but by the time he noticed I was there we already ended up crashing into the wall. Not the way I wanted to end my championship! After the racing incident as I call it. (I have watched the replay) I managed to get to the pit. But I needed three stops to finally fix all the damage on my car.

After 30 minutes off racing I also had connection problems with the server. This way I finished in P6 on 4laps off the leader! But I finished the last race off the season and got some good practice for next season.

Offcourse I want to thanks BMW Racing cups and DynamiXX for making this championship possilble! I hope to see you guys next season!

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