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BMW will abandon the iDrive in 2023

Big revolution at BMW!

1y ago

It's a reality, technology is progressing at a frenetic pace. Today, almost every model on the market has state-of-the-art displays with a quality of resolution that sometimes exceeds the capabilities of the human eye. Screens have become tactile and even gestural by detecting the movement of your hands to navigate through menus.

And logically, as new technologies become more and more widespread, their development cost is decreasing. This means that today, the BMW 1 Series can receive gesture control as well as voice-recognizing artificial intelligence. It is possible, for example, to control the ventilation by simply saying whether you are warm or cold.

In 2003, the E60 BMW 5 Series inaugurated the iDrive system, which consists of a knob on the centre console. This system revolutionized the market in its time with exemplary ergonomics. This system has since evolved to include a touch screen to bring it up to speed with the competition.

With the rapid advances in technology, artificial intelligence is increasingly taking over from older systems like the iDrive. The iDrive is therefore destined to disappear in 2023 on the next generation of the vehicle on which it appeared, the future 5 Series. BMW is therefore turning a page in its history and preparing an entirely new multimedia control system.

The E60 BMW 5 Series - Photo credits BMW

The E60 BMW 5 Series - Photo credits BMW

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