BMW will make an M2 CS, but no M1

BMW pulls away from the mega-hot hatch class

1y ago

BMW has recently announced that they will not build any other performance version of the 1-series. The fastest 1-series you can get now is the M135i, which only produces a shy over 300hp. The Audi RS3 makes 400hp, and the Mercedes-AMG A45 over 415hp, but BMW doesn't want to get involved in that league anymore. We could see that happen, since the 1 series has moved to a new FWD platform, instead of the RWD setup it has always had. But quite frankly, there are also some good news.

The next 2-series will not be based on the 1-series, and it will have a newly developed RWD platform. Rumors say it will also have a new body style in the range: a "4-door coupe"-as they call it-made to compete against the Mercedes CLA and the Audi A3 saloon. And furthermore, BMW will still offer an M2 high-performance model with around 400hp. BMW said an M1 hatchback wouldn't make sense when there is already the M2, and to be honest, they are right. I would choose any day of the week a RWD BMW with a six-cylinder engine over a 4-cylinder hatchback. And by looking at the new 1-series' styling, i understand why they went this way.

The M2 is one of the most loved new cars by the car enthusiasts, and you can tell that by looking at the sales. Even BMW's directors and engineers say that the M2 is their favourite car from the M division. As a result, BMW will offer a CS version -same as the E46 M3- which will be a track focused M2, so in other words, it will be the successor of the M2 Competition.

What do you think? Has BMW made the right choice? Tell me in the comment section below!

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  • If they get it wrong it's going to hurt. Why mess with perfection?

      1 year ago