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BMW will soon introduce the new 128ti

It will face the Volkswagen Golf GTI

33w ago

​Despite a switch to front-wheel drive that was widely criticized by fans, the BMW 1 Series remains an excellent compact car. And its sporty M135i version still offers excellent performance. Unfortunately, this performance naturally has an impact on the price, which is insane.

To make the 1 Series more affordable, BMW is currently preparing a semi-sports version that is less radical and less powerful than the explosive M135i. It will be called the 128ti and will be largely based on its big sister's DNA. Several elements such as the anti-roll bars will thus be maintained.

The M Sport braking system of the M135i will also be included. However, the damping has been adjusted to be slightly softer for greater comfort on a daily basis. Aesthetically speaking, the 128ti will be more discreet than the M135i while remaining more athletic than the standard versions.

The same applies to the interior. Under the bonnet, the M135i's 2.0-litre, in-line four is still standard. However, its power output has been reduced to 265 PS compared to the M135i's 306 PS. This is combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The car will be introduced in the coming weeks.

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Comments (2)

  • I used to love BMW.

    Dreaming of the CSi and M1 when I was young, my uncle had a 2002Ti, wonderful cars, and they kept making wonderful cars well into the 21st century. I even liked the Bangle Beemers. The first 1 series made sense, especially when you got one with at least 175Bhp.

    Then something went horribly wrong, two series kicked off front wheel drive, then they all started to look like beavers with their big grill.

    This car is just straight up bland, I'd rather buy a golf Gti than this. And I don't even like modern VW's. If you want a hot hatch almost anything is better than this.

      7 months ago
  • We don't get these in the states. The Chicken Tax can bite me.

      7 months ago