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BMW X7: Three Developments In As Many Months

BMW’s answer to the Mercedes-Benz GLS landed in India in July 2019. In other words, the X7, which had a starting price of Rs 98.9 lakh (~$139,405) and was available in two variants, has been with us for three months. Some might wonder, how has BMW’s largest-ever SUV performed in India? Are there any significant developments that are worth highlighting? Well, the answers to both those inter-linked questions lie in the following three events:

- Sold out for 2019 -

Although BMW India has not mentioned the number of units sold, it has confirmed that the X7 is sold out for this year. That said, bookings are still on. Anyone who books the SUV now will have to wait at least until January 2020 to get a delivery.

- New entry-level variant silently introduced -

As mentioned above, the BMW X7 began its India innings in two derivatives – the xDrive30d DPE Signature and the xDrive40i M Sport. Back then and until recently, both of them wore the same price tag of Rs 98.9 lakh. Now, however, there’s a new entry-level variant. Dubbed as the xDrive30d DPE, it is available at Rs 90.9 lakh (~$128,128). As you’d expect, it is like the DPE Signature but a bit less to play with in terms of features. For instance, the least expensive variant misses out on BMW Laserlight tech, rear-seat entertainment package, 360-degree camera, and five-zone climate control (gets 4-zone instead).

- Price Revision -

Out of the three X7 variants, only the petrol-fed one comes to India via the CBU (Completely Built Unit) route. The others fall in the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) category. The xDrive40i M Sport’s price tag has received an upward revision as it now costs Rs 6 lakh (~$8,457) more. Do the math, and you’ll arrive at a sticker price of Rs 1.05 crore (~$148,003).

The BMW X7 is not for everyone. Not with that price list, at least! The sheer size of the thing could also act as a deal-breaker, especially to those who want something sportier. They will also ignore the existence of the GLS and would probably consider either the Range Rover Sport or the Porsche Cayenne. Which one would you buy?

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