BMW X8M might get a 750bhp hybrid V8

The upcoming SUV will be one of of the most powerful cars BMW has ever made.

Many people associate hybrids with boredom, in the same way as most people would associate Jimmy Fallon with a complete lack of humour. Thanks however to recent technological advances, it's now possible to drive a car that is both an environmentally-friendly hybrid and an exciting piece of engineering, and the upcoming BMW X8M might be one of those cars.

The new car - formally dubbed 'Project Rockstar' - will have an electric motor producing 200bhp and a petrol engine producing the rest, with the power going to all of the four wheels. It's likely however that a system that will allow the car to be switched into rear-wheel drive will be implemented, in the same manner as was done in the M5 and M8.

An Autocar render of what the upcoming X8M might look like

An Autocar render of what the upcoming X8M might look like

The design of the X8M also deserves some attention, as it was previously thought that it would be similar to the design of the coupe-like X6; spyshots however have debunked that theory by showing a car that looks reminiscent to the X7.

So, what do you fine ladies and gentlemen think of the new car?

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