BMWs including Mini Coopers are catching fire when parked, and no one knows why

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More BMWs are being reported to have caught fire when they are parked and the engine is off; the latest report however include Mini Coopers which seem to be suffering from the same problem

The reports of BMWs mysteriously catching fire have been around for some time. And in 2017 the German automaker issued a recall of one million cars for fire danger. However, the latest reports include models that weren’t part of the recall.

In the most recent report, a TV station out of Chicago reported that Maggie Latona watched her 2016 Mini Cooper go up in flames while parked in her driveway. She said the engine was not on.

BMW offered her a discount on a new BMW which she took advantage of. However, the blaze also damaged her house and other cars nearby. For that BMW offered her $2000; the family refused that offer and is still working with the company to settle that claim.

There have been other reports of BMWs catching fire while parked, including one from a woman in Florida whose BMW SUV burned up in her driveway shortly after she came home for lunch.

"The car wasn't on at the time," she said. "The key was not in the ignition or anything like that."

What happened? What caused the vehicle she purchased in 2012 to suddenly go up in flames?

She said she had it serviced as recently as May 25, and it was in great shape.

"BMW so far has not told me what could be the problem," the woman Virginia Chamblee said.

In 2017 BMW issued a voluntary recall of one million vehicles for fires; the recall included model years 2007-2011.

Chamblee's 2005 model was not part of that recall.