BMW's new software update will improve 2.5 million vehicles

It's a big one and it's full of new improvements

5w ago

Even though BMW is gradually switching to iDrive 8 in its new models, it's still improving the existing iDrive 7 system and this latest update will see changes being made to 2.5 million vehicles around the globe.

The new update is available now for over 30 BMW models and aims to expand and improve various driver assists.

Included in this latest update is an improved Lane Departure Warning that prevents "unnecessary steering interventions" on narrow roads without centre markings. The update also adds a new Assisted View. This means that when Active Cruise Control is activated, the car recognises the traffic situation around the vehicle in moving traffic, even in foggy weather conditions.

Another feature brought to many BMW models includes the addition of Spotify podcast playlists using BMW Connected Music. Streaming music and podcasts through an Android smartphone also benefits from an "advanced volume control" providing an "enhanced sound experience."

Finally, BMW has also updated the BMW M Sound Control which now offers a "unique new sound experience" for the new BMW M3 and BMW M4, enabling owners to customise the interior sound of the engine, changing gears, and driving modes – which is pretty cool.

This new update can be done via your phone over the air, so head over to your car's infotainment system or BMW phone app to check it out.

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