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4y ago

Have you ever heard of boat drifting!? adrenaline

The Japanese are known for their outrages T.v shows and their love for motorsports. But hears one we've never heard of before, Boat Drifting.

With what appears to be a Flat bottom fiberglass hull with a oversized engine for them, for the perfect power to weight ratio.

Battling for poll position

Battling for poll position

It's extremely surprising that while they barge into each other while going around the corners no one is ejected from the boat. You can definitely see how fierce the completion is as they ripped these boats around corners, standing up in their vessels as they slide sideways.

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Would you be on board or do you think that you’d rather watch these guys from the sidelines with solid ground beneath you?

Source: BOAT RACE 宮島

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