Bob Dylan 'WHeels on fire' hand written draft up for auction

Are you rich? really rich? than you can buy this, a beatle's piano, a Led zepplin handwritten draft of 'kashmir' and more at sotheby's on 12/10

4y ago

A hand-written first draft of 'Wheels on Fire' - one of Bob Dylan's great songs, is up for sale at Sotheby's this coming December. The song is on THE LIST, though one could argue whether or not it truly is a 'car song' - and I will be debating these sorts of things as time goes on. But for right now I it is on THE LIST and so sale of it's first draft merits attention. Also for sale in the same auction is one of the three pianos the Beatles used for Sgt. Pepper to play on the last chord of the album - and it was owned by John, so who knows what else was played on it. There are other cool things as well so have a look. As links don't work yet on this beta site, you will have to cut and paste the following:

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