BOBBER INCEPTION. FCR Original Strip Back Triumph’s Bobbed Bonnie

If a factory builds a bobber, can you still ‘bob’ it? FCR say that the answer is a big ‘Oui’.

3y ago

Here’s a little bobber Inception for you. By definition, a ‘bobber’ is a factory bike that’s been stripped down to decrease weight and improve performance. So this begs the question, if a factory builds a bobber, can you still ‘bob’ it? It seems that France’s FCR Original have gone a few levels deeper to provide us with an answer, and that answer is a resounding ‘oui’.

Somewhat of a quite achiever, the FCR shop is based just outside of the city of Poitiers in France’s east. Pumping out an admirable 35 or so custom bikes every year, they clearly have their act together. Founded by Mathieu Ménard and Sébastien Guillemot, they cut their teeth in the engineering field before getting busy with custom bikes. They are supported by colleague Espera Sbarro, who excels in bodywork and composite materials.


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