Bollinger Unveils Its Electric Delivery Van Concept, The Deliver-E

Bollinger, an EV manufacturer, has announced the Deliver-E, an electric delivery van.

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Bollinger hasn't been producing vehicles for that long, and virtually no one has heard of them. Despite that, they could make a huge difference in the delivery system with this new electric van concept.

Key Points

1. Production will start in 2022.

2. It will be available in many different configurations with different wheelbase and battery options.

3. It will go head to head with Rivian's Amazon delivery vans.


Electric vehicle startups love commercial vehicles. Rivian has made an Amazon delivery van that is expected to be on the road next year, Lordstown is working on a suite of commercial trucks, and now Bollinger has jumped on the bandwagon with the Deliver-E concept. The battery sizes will range from 70.0 kWh to 210.0 kWh. For reference, a Tesla Model S has a 100 kWh battery and the Model 3 has a 75 kWh battery. A Deliver-E van equipped with the 210.0 kWh battery isn't some super van, it's most likely just the biggest one. DC fast charging capability will be available up to 100 kWh. As for as drivetrain, all power will be delivered to the front wheels. As shown in the provided images, the Deliver-E is extremely low to the ground, so speed bumps and curbs may be an issue. With that being said, this is just a concept, it will be adjusted for 'real life' use.


This isn't a massive ordeal, a substantial amount of commercial oriented electric brands do and will exist in the near future. What's great about electric vans is their low maintenance costs, and remember, they're electric, no emissions, so stop and go traffic isn't wasteful.



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