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Bonkers Nissan GTR render hints at the future we all want

Please make this real. Please make this real. Please make this real.

1y ago

The Nissan GTR came out here in the US in 2009. It was the first Nissan GTR we ever had the chance of buying new and it has become a legendary supercar killer just as it had in Japanese lore. The design was likely 3-4 years old by the time it hit US streets, making the current design nearly 15 years old.

People have been asking for a redesign of the GTR for many years and render artist Rain Prisk decided to have a go recently.

Prisk was riffing on the staggeringly gorgeous GT R50 by design firm Italdesign. Nissan recently announced that production will soon begin on the ultimate GTR, but Prisk took it a step further and imagined the GT R50 as a mid-engined supercar (see: article hero image).

GT R50

GT R50

Prisk said: "Quickly tried to turn the stunning GT-R50 into a mid engined supercar. What would you think if Nissan makes the next generation GTR a mid-engined car?"

The question is a very intriguing one. With many high end supercars being mid-engined, and the new C8 Corvette going with the MR layout, will the GTR follow suit to keep pace? The current GTR is known as the supercar slayer. Godzilla in the metal flesh. But does it need a mid-ship engine? Will the GTR purists accept this?

I for one can see it, but who knows at this point. We've heard that Nissan is working on a new GTR as well as a new 370Z, but haven't been given any potential time frame for either cars release.

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Comments (47)

  • Looks like a gtr styled gallardo if you ask me?

      1 year ago
  • I think GTR needs to stay as FR but next generation should be inline 6 and keeping the price in check for all buyers. This is what made the GTR.

    However i also think that Nissan should build whole new named mid engine supercar with 8 or more cylinders.

      1 year ago
    • Why, the GTR has now turned into a supercar killer. It needs to be on top of the game.

      I think if they wanna do go back to routes like that, they should bring back the Skyline moniker then they should call one Skyline and the other, Godzilla. 🤔

        1 year ago
    • Would be awesome to have an Stylish Skyline and a monstruous godzilla

        1 year ago
  • Needs to stay front engined.

    The GTR of old was a straight 6, and though the engine in this is great I’d like to see it with a straight 6 again.

    They can build another car and use mid mounted in that.

    I think this looks nice though.

    Someone pointed out it looks a bit like a gallardo, got to agree with that.

      1 year ago
  • Hideously styled. Now if they took the body of a 1973 GT-R and packed it full of today's mechanical bits, then it'd be a sure winner and an instant classic to boot.

      1 year ago
  • That Just Looks Like The Italia Design GTR.

      1 year ago