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Paris is the place to be, if something new is supposed to leave a mark in history. With the PORSCHE Panamera 4S at Paris Fashionweek.

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Paris is the place to be, if something new is supposed to leave a mark in history. With the PORSCHE Panamera 4S at Paris Fashionweek.

Photography & Text: Marcus Hoffmann // Fashion Stylist: Giulia Carla Beskid // Model: Gabriela Bohacova // Hair & Make-Up: Sam Duponchez Kaou // Label: Katrin Possberg

All over history the city of Paris established a renommée as a birthplace for radically successful new ideas and concepts. The French (or more precisely: the people of Paris) were the first who replaced their monarchy with a peoples’ republic. Soon after, they were also the first who abandoned the concept of a country run by enlightened free-thinking citizens, by giving all the power to a small-handed tiny person with anger issues (Napoleon Bonaparte). Therefore, Paris isn’t unfamiliar with new styles. On the contrary: Particularly Paris Fashion Week is celebrated for setting trends and starting cultural phenomena’s.

Right now, it’s Haute Couture Fashion Week 2017 in Paris. And we’re part of it. The nature of this Fashion Week work is quite different to the Prêt-à-Porter (ready-to-wear) Fashion Week, since a lot of the presented fashion won’t matter in advertising or editorial work. So, this is mainly a networking event for the productive creatives of the business. Meaning: The lot of the time is spent in meetings in various Hotels, Restaurants and trade fair tents.

For this kind of work, it’s convenient to move around either quickly – or stay at a place classy enough for others to come to you (for serious work stuff and such). Since we weren’t able to decide, we opted for both. We took the new Panamera 4S for our drive from Stuttgart to Paris and back to Munich. A car which is able to turn a significant number of heads – if not every single one. Even in Paris. And this is the city, where you can already see quite a few Bugatti Chirons participating in everyday traffic.

The Porsche itself was a brilliant choice for traveling: the new air suspension is really able to deliver a comfortable ride you normally anticipate from the icons of luxurious automotive transportation. But with one push on a button it can transform into a sports car with better handling then most cars with fewer doors, you’d normally encounter on track days. With its 4-wheel steering (and obviously 4 wheel drive) it’s actually quite hard to imagine, which cars could handle better, except maybe for those, weighting half a ton less than the Porsche. This is a proper sports car – and quite a beauty too.

Equipped with the Panamera 4S we would have been able to move around quickly to every fashion week location (/meeting place) in the whole city – especially since everyone just tends to drive where they can quickly fit into – and not where so called ‘street lanes’ attempt (miserably) to sort traffic. But since we were staying at the brand new Splendid Royal Hotel, people kept on visiting us for the scheduled meetings. With its perfect location, directly at the Élysée palace, it’s the best Homebase to tackle Fashion Week (or go for very expensive shopping trips, since all the galleries, art dealers and auction houses are located in this area).

Between meeting-appointments we even managed to pull off two fashion shootings, since there is no famous sightseeing place more distant than a ten-minute drive. It’s a surreal experience, when you jump in your Porsche, drive a minute to the Grand Palais, or three minutes to the Arc de Triomphe, or ten minutes to the Eiffel Tower, take a few photos and just drive back. Talk a bit with someone who’s eager to meet with you (or most likely: get annoyed by someone eager to drink champagne for which you’re paying for… in a lovely home-like atmosphere). Whatever the cause was – maybe the new Porsche – maybe the new (only three-week-old) 5-star Suite-Only Hotel – or maybe the new medium (lovely DRIVETRIBE) we’re introducing to the business… people keep on visiting us, while we’re here in Paris. It seems that we might be involved in at least one – if not three beginnings; each one not only eager to leave a mark in history, but to excel all its ‘competitors’. Each one with a serious chance of doing so. These are exiting times.

New things, places and people en vogue in Paris 2017 – by DRIVETRIBE:

Porsche Panamera 4S:


Hotel Splendid Royal Paris:


Fashion Stylist Giulia Carla Beskid:


Fashion Designer Katrin Possberg:


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  • Great job Marcus....the girl with the blue purse in front of the Porsche and a part of the "Eiffelturm" great!! :-)

      3 years ago