Born with a thought

Well... funny thing isn't it?

You wake up one day and decide that you want to buy a car. Not any car, though - THE CAR. Something that was already living in your dreams, waiting to be real, demanding that you work hard to earn enough money to buy it.

Then you go to work everyday. You are not a perfect employee, you get along well with your boss and colleagues, but from time to time you're caught thinking about YOUR CAR. In the middle of the day. Business hour. Huh.

You beg not to be fired by your boss, that fine man or woman that just is not tuned in the same frequency you are, and has a different focus in life - maybe career, family, kids, new house, or anything else, or all of it together. Maybe he or she one day wanted hard to have a car for freedom, for success, for comfort. But not you.

You want a car because it's the only thing you can think of. You have your girlfriend/boyfriend, or you're even married with kids, but you do not only enjoy the freedom a car offers to its owner, but the whole experience involved.

A car is something you deeply love. You're eager to touch the steering wheel, hear the engine starting as you turn the ignition on, can't wait to press the clutch pedal and select the first gear. All you leave behind is a mix of rubber, smoke and noise. And my friend, do you love it.

You can picture yourself driving in amazing roads in scenic landscapes, each mile lived as if it were the last one. Your favourite song on the stereo, the warm sun lighting your way, the perfect fit of your body to the seat, the perfect grip of the tires to the asphalt. A perfect fuel on the tank, of course, your car performing faultlessly a gearhead symphony over the exhaust. Oh boy.

Then all of a sudden you are back to your desk, your boss next to you, demanding the report he told you to do an hour ago. Okay, you moreon, you win. Here's your b****y report and I quit myself. Pay me what you owe me, I'm outta here.

Nice. Now I finally bought a car. But how can I drive it when fuel and taxes are so expensive? Well, I must find another job. And keep on dreaming.

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