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Bosch developing 3D dashboard

5d ago


The instrument cluster forms the middle ground between you and your car. It's the way we all keep tabs on our lovely motors, and make sure everything's doing just fine.

Its readability is therefore essential to ensure a safe journey.

It's crazy to think the first gauges were not illuminated and could not be read at night, and that after years of offset lighting, easy to read backlighting was seen as a revolution.

Then came digital instrument clusters, replacing the dials with screens. They have the advantage of being customisable, which further improves driver comfort, and improving driver experience. You can't miss the fact you're running out of fuel, for example, because a big red dial will become the centre of your dashboard.

Bosch have developed a new technology that will move the information on the cluster out of the 2D dashboard. This could allow the driver to react even faster, which is an additional guarantee of safety. And no way to bother with 3D glasses, the screen uses passive 3D technology.

This is not the first time we've seen 3D car info, however, as the Peugeot 208 had a less exciting dashboard projection. Bosch look to be bringing something pretty spectacular to the cockpit of our cars.

The generated images are created in front of the screen and are visible from different angles. The images of back-up cameras and 360° cameras will be significantly improved and will make it easier to evaluate the perspective. In GPS mode, 3D information will greatly help lost drivers. This technology will be introduced in our cars in five to ten years' time.