Bowler incorporated into SVO!

The company known for making upgraded Land Rovers is finally bought!

15w ago


Many of you may not know this, but Special Vehicle Operations at Jaguar is a very special company. It consists of four outfits; SV, Vehicle Personalisation, Classic and now Bowler.

SV makes the mainstream models. You may have heard of the Range Rover SVAutobiography, the Range Rover Sport SVR, or the Jaguar Project 8. SV is resposible for all of those, and essentially lightly upgrading Landies, Rangies and Jaags the premium customer.

Vehicle Personalisation does exactly as it says on the tin. They will - at a greater cost - upgrade your car. This can span from having plaques that say your name put on the door sills to having a fully coachbuilt body placed ontop of the chassis of your XE.

Classic looks after the old stock, and improves them in some cases. You may have heard of the E-Type Zero, an electric variant of that gorgeous original or the 10 more XKSS being built after the fire years ago stopped production early.

But Bowler have always been responsible for the wild ones. They take standard Land Rovers and turn them into extreme off-road machines! The worry is that Bowler may become too mainstream, however on the plus side, we are likely to get Bowler variants of the new Defender, Discovery and Range Rover!

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  • Yeah I heard that they were going to incorporate Bowler and now it's done. Eager to see what they do!

      3 months ago