Bowler is back with a 575hp rally-spec Defender that costs £200,000

    … and Land Rover's given Bowler the licence to use the old Defender shape for new cars

    2w ago


    Off-road maniac modders Bowler are back in style with the CSP 575 – a 575hp, 5.0-litre V8 version of the previous-gen Defender 110. And this isn't just some hot-rodded farmer-mobile designed to terrify drivers and livestock alike – it's fully tricked out for high-speed jumps, skids and general rally antics. It looks absolutely nuts.

    The car will use Bowler's competition-spec CSP chassis, which looks hard as nails

    The car will use Bowler's competition-spec CSP chassis, which looks hard as nails

    Bowler's first new car since 2016, it's kitted out with a roll-cage, four bucket seats and a new high-strength steel chassis that should stop it turning into a banana on its first landing. And yep, it should be capable of some mighty jumps given its supercharged engine, pinched straight from the modern JLR stable.

    Land Rover has owned Bowler since the back end of 2019, but only now has Land Rover given Bowler the licence to build new vehicles using the iconic Defender silhouette, so hopefully we'll see more like this in the future – and we'll see the first production version of this limited-run car in 2021, when it's expected to cost around £200,000.

    Who are Bowler?

    Ultimate pub car

    Ultimate pub car

    Bowler have been turning Land Rovers into lairy rally reprobates since 1985. They're based in Derbyshire in the UK, and tend to build competition-spec cars for off-road racing, but they have been known to build road-legal vehicles for people with deep pockets. Since JLR acquired them in 2019 they've become part of the British brand's Special Vehicle Operations division, who gave us the Jaguar Project 8.

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    • Ready made Paris - Dakar vehicle. Like it but the defender itself is missing a fair few creature comforts.

        20 days ago
    • Wow that is more than the 562 bhp Ferrari 458

        19 days ago
    • I have a feeling that anyone who gets behind the wheel of this car will instantly become a driving god.

        19 days ago
    • Anyone who wants to gift me this I will break my usual rules on someone giving me a gift

        19 days ago
    • Want

        18 days ago


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