Brabham BT62 - Spy Pics!

Davyn managed to get up close to the BT62 last weekend at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival and get some really nice shots..

Look for David Brabham in the background of some the pictures!

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  • Wonder what kind of engine that is? It has spark plugs in the center of the heads. I would think a Hemi would be too old school for a car like this, but I'm sure it's something else. Those brakes are crazy and those carbon fiber inner fender panels are awesome!

    10 days ago
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    • They are reputed to be a whole new level of performance. I'm not sure about the engine, I'll see what I can find out..

      10 days ago
    • It’s a 6.2 V8 (not Chevy completely bespoke) 700hp. Weighs about 1200kg but can put up to 1500kg downforce i think. Don’t quote me on that but it’s close. No performance figures have...

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      10 days ago
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