Brabham BT62 - World's first public appearance (At Speed)

This run through the streets of Adelaide was the first public appearance of the new Brabham BT62!

The Brabham BT62 is a mid-engined track day car produced by Brabham Automotive. Deliveries are expected to start late 2018.

Only 70 cars will be built, in honour of the company's 70 year heritage in racing.

The Engine is a 5.4 L naturally aspirated V8, Curb weight is 972 kg (2,143 lb) and the transmission is a 6-speed Holinger sequential manual.

Cost will be $1.2Million (AU).

*** Noted that the car has appeared previously at Goodwood Festival of Speed (Thank you Commenters!). The advertising leading up to the event was somewhat misleading, and I have corrected the title now. Apologies! ***

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Comments (17)
  • Amazing

    16 days ago
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    • I just hope they sell enough that Brabham consider building a road-registerable version.

      16 days ago
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    • Apparently you can get them road registered already. You just have to take it to the UK to get certified or whatever every 6month or year lol. So a lot of money to do that lol. Lazante...

      Read more
      16 days ago
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  • Very good looking car!

    17 days ago
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