Brabham's new speaker system costs as much as a brand new supercar

Adelaide based carmaker Brabham collaborates with Kyron Audio to build high-end audio systems.

Brabham Automotive launched in 2018 with a stand-out track hypercar dubbed the BT62, featuring a 515kW (691hp) 5.4 litre Ford V8 and a price tag of over 1 million AUD. After almost two years after it's launch, the automaker has now decided to team up with Adelaide based audio manufacturer Kyron to produce some of the world's finest audio systems.

Kyron currently produces three audio systems, with the most expensive 'Phoenix' priced at $349,000 AUD. For this money, you get eight 700 Watt amplifiers and two 1500 Watt subwoofers, with advanced processers that deliver perfect frequencies for a three-dimensional audio experience.

Brabham states that the sound prouduced by the speakers are "only matched by having the artist perform live in your home."

All components are individually designed by Kyron, machine cut and then assembled by hand, so much like the car, each customer can order exactly what they want though a special tailoring program. Production for each individual system can take over six months.

Customers of the Brabham BT62 range will be able to order speakers in matching designs to their car, and future Brabham road vehicles will be fitted with exclusively designed Kyron audio products.

- AutoNews Australia

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Comments (10)

  • These are not for us, but for those who live in another world.

      27 days ago
  • I gotta check this out in Adelaide

      26 days ago
  • Mclaren made hi fi speakers a few years back, were very expensive too...

      26 days ago
  • Mmm. Open baffle speakers. They can be great but not if you can’t control room resonance. The room in the photo is about the worst possible room for this type of speaker so I hope they aren’t going to demo them there! And bass roll off is huge so that’s why you need those massive amplifiers to compensate. Someone with that much money will have built a listening room to house them I guess...

      25 days ago
  • Out of reach for us commoners

      26 days ago