Brabus' next-Rocket 900 is here to get your adrenaline boosting

    It has been revealed just some time before Mercedes unveiled the GT73.

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    Never start your piece with the price of the car, if you want people to savour your article. This holds true specially if the car being highlighted is a luxobarge like this fire cracker from Brabus, the Rocket 900. Call it an unnecessary upgrade over the GT63s or the best of both worlds, this is one super-sedan (or coupe) that will set your pulse racing just ogling at it once.

    Whenever we hear the word "Rocket" spilled from Brabus, we know the brutal machine is going to be mated to a 12-cylinder layout. However, here they have made use of V8. But don't get disheartened as there is no reason for that. It makes 888 hp and 1,250 Nm without the electric limited which would otherwise limit the force to 1,050 Nm for the car to breathe in the backdrop of a storm looming over the horizon. They say the engine has been given the assistance of additional 0.5-litres to 4.0-litres. So how exactly has this enormous figure been achieved? Simple. Through custom turbochargers with a larger compression unit and maximum boost pressure.

    More than the figures, you might be etched by the design details that have filtered through the body and inside the car. The grille features carbon-ram air intakes around the corners of Mercedes' new hallmark Panamericana grille. Further consolidating its list of cosmetic updates, you will be treated with stainless-steel quad exhaust tips and an enticing body kit with grey and polished black colours being the livery combination. The carbon-fibre extensions on the fenders look sinister yet droolworthy. There's also a boot-mounted spoiler for downforce and agility. What I like are those wheels seeming to have come straight from a sci-fi movie. That said, the purpose behind these wheels wasn't forgotten by the engineers. The car rides on 21-inch wheels at the front and 22s at the rear. Compared to the standard GT63s, the car also sits 25 mm lower owing to air suspension which lowers or raises the height depending on Sport or Comfort modes.

    Only 10 AMG 63s units will be converted to this spec which will surpass beyond the Stealth Gray paint and a variegation of black leather and alcantara on the inside. Every car meant to ace track callings needs to have sporty stitching on the seats. Therefore, there's gray stitching on the leather and 215 parts finished in the body colour. Some purely welcoming bits include steel scuff plates and customised floor mats.

    Looking forward to warding off a conversation with your talkative neighbours? The Rocket 900 will scoot forward from a start to 100 Km/h in just 2.8 seconds, well before your neighbours could even think about initiating a conclave with you. In case he tries to catch up with you, floor the pedal to the fullest as it sprints to 200 Km/h in 9.7 seconds and top out at 330 Km/h in case you want to permanently disable the conversation with him.

    Had fun reading everything? My sincere apologies but it is the time to suppress a sob in your eyes. Why you ask? It's the price which stands at 435,800 GBP. Did you just think a solemn conversation with your neighbour would be a better idea?

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